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Accounting and advisory services for start-ups

Be a standout start-up

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to become self-employed or a contractor, to start or buy a small business or get into rental property. Go you!

First things first, you need an accountant experienced in start-ups who can set you on the right path from the outset. We can help not only with all your registrations, accounting and tax compliance, but also with planning for future growth with our Business Improvement Services.

If you’re …

  • Opening a hospitality business, retail or e-commerce store
  • Offering professional services
  • A new business owner
  • A tradie
  • Or a contractor

… we’re here to help with:

Trading structure

We’ll advise on what’s best for your new venture.

Accounting systems

We’ll advise on the easiest and most efficient method for you.


You’ll always know what’s required and when.

Inland Revenue help

We’ll talk to them so you don’t have to.

Tax advice

Got a question? Just ask. We’re always happy to help and most queries can be answered over the phone or by email.

Business growth

Independent business improvement advice to take your start-up to the next level.

And more …

We can also help with all IRD registrations, company incorporations and Companies Office returns, ACC and more. *GST returns are an optional extra.

“Professional advice, correct setup and registration for your business or rental property – getting started is super easy!”

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