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Fearless Brands

I recommend Kiwitax's Cash Flow Management services. The approach was really helpful, especially the tools to help track how we are doing based on historical data and future projections. Working out client value and the number of leads needed to convert -- and seeing that in monetary terms with the tax implications, was an eye-opener. I appreciate being able to go through this process with goals attached to clear financial planning and potential outcomes. Thanks, Will 🙂

- Will Roffé

Shine Electrical Limited

I'm so impressed with the service you guys give - I really appreciate all the help and support. You've made me very happy and stress free. Thanks again.

- Shane Hantler

Mizzinc Limited

Really impressed with my first year of service with you. The follow up review was very beneficial, information provided was clear and easy to digest and provided assurance that I am tracking as well as possible in my current situation. Great fit so far. Thanks again,

- Michael Van Dinther

Paul & Megan McGuire

Appreciate bringing to our attention other things we could claim or include with our tax return. Thanks 🙂

- Paul & Megan McGuire

Neel Brothers Limited

Nathan was great as was Ratheesh when he worked on our rental property accounts. Although we've never met in person and most of our communication is by email, the team at Kiwitax feel like real, everyday people. I love feeling like I am more than a client with a number. Jill confirmed this with her recent friendly email about my payment.

- Ratnesh

Jenna Naruseviciene

Kiwitax is the best accounting company in New Zealand because you have a friendly team, expert accountants, accounts are presented in an easy format and great price!

- Jenna Naruseviciene

Ike & Laina Harris

Thanks for your prompt help in getting things started. We’re new at this game and you’ve been absolutely fantastic. You’ve made everything ‘easy’ for us and that’s quite impressive.

- Ike & Laina Harris

Terrence Skelly

When I started my business around January 2003 I decided it was time to start looking for someone to take care of all of the tax side of things for me. I also had another young business started up which needed tax help as well. Being from South Africa, this was my first time in a NZ business and I didn't have the time to find out the tax law in New Zealand. After talking to one of my customers I was referred to Kylie Berry of Kiwitax. After meeting with Kylie I was willing to give Kiwitax a go. Since that time they have taken care of my regular PAYE and GST returns and my business and personal tax returns. Their service has been very prompt, professional and at a very reasonable price. I really appreciate being able to drop in, call or email them with questions and not be charged for this - it makes dealing with them very easy

- Terrence Skelly

Jenn Wright

6 months ago my husband and I took over a business. As this was our first venture into business by ourselves needless to say we were pretty green on the requirements regarding tax and general startup costs. I had met Kylie previously on a BizInfo course I did and was very impressed - sensible easy to understand advice and a nice person as well! Fancy that…. So when we were looking for advice for starting our business Kylie was a natural choice. She was invaluable helping to set up, keeping us on the straight and narrow with what is required, even helping to choose the Company name!! Always friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble. I was very impressed with their charges, so not only do they save you money on your own tax, but also on accountant fees in general. Pretty good all round really!  

- Jenn Wright

Photographic Tributes Ltd

It is such a relief to know that everything is done now and is as accurate as it possibly could be from the information supplied by us. Your prompt attention exceeded your initial estimates, and presentation and documentation exude a professionalism that instils a confidence that all has been accounted for. Thank you for making tax time a hassle free diversion from normal business, I'm sure your advice will set us up in good stead for the new financial year. The cheque is in the mail - well deserved.  

- Bryan & Kathy Fletcher

Hans Peet & Sandy Gilbert

Just a quick thank you from Sandy and myself for the great job you guys have done. After having been "lost" in the accounting world for several years and having had bad experiences and bad service you and your team have been a breath of fresh air. The quick, thorough, professional and friendly way in which you have put us back on track is nothing short of impressive. We wish we had made the move to Kiwitax years ago but hind-sight... Thank you again for looking after the "little" guys. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

- Hans Peet & Sandy Gilbert

Bev Maxwell

We first came into contact with Kylie Berry when we purchased our motel lease in June 2003. We had never been in business for ourselves before and we would have been absolutely floundering without Kylie's help Kylie went out of her way to come and sit with me to guide me in the compilation of our motel accounts and trained me in gst returns, monthly spreadsheets etc and how to present accurate records for the purpose of completion of annual accounts, tax returns and gst returns. I have no doubt also that Kylie has saved us considerable amounts in tax that we would not have been aware of had we been with another company. The amount of knowledge she freely imparted was way beyond what one would expect from an accountant - all free of charge. I made many phone calls regarding general queries and Kylie was always available and extremely helpful. In addition, Kylie has prepared forecasts and budget details for us when we were seeking finance to purchase other properties and looking at other motels to purchase. In short, we could not have been so successful without Kylie and her team. At all times they have been professional, expert in their advice and a pleasure to deal with. I would (and have) recommend Kylie and her team to anyone who was looking for an excellent accounting company - expert advice, excellent standard of presentation in accounting reports and always in a timely manner.   

- Bev Maxwell

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