Kiwitax award-winning business support services

Accounting services, tax compliance and returns

We take care of your must-dos…

In business, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that you just have to do to keep everything above board. Like keeping accurate accounts and meeting your tax obligations. Not a barrel of laughs, but it has to be done. That’s where we come in.

Kiwitax is an excellent choice for start-ups, small businesses and rental property owners because we’re an efficient, modern accounting and tax practice that can handle all that must-do stuff for you. We guarantee you friendly, personal service and, as members of Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (ATAINZ), we maintain an excellent standard of ethics and expertise.

Business Improvement Services

…and your good-to-dos.

If you want your business to move forward, it’s good to look forward. That’s where our Business Improvement Advisors can help.

Whether you need our independent, expert advice on identifying new areas for growth, gaining clarity on your financial position and future viability, planning to reduce debt or even assessing a potential business purchase, we’ve got 20 years of hands-on business experience to bring to the table to help set you up for success. So, whatever your situation, whatever your goals, get in touch and together we’ll work out the ideal plan for your business.

The Regional Business Partner Network Capability Voucher Scheme is a government funded scheme designed to boost business capability by providing funding of up to 50% of approved training programs with specified training providers up to a maximum value of $5000. Kiwitax are a registered training provider for Business Improvement services including Growth Planning and Quarterly Coaching.

What our Customers say

For a long time I used the Kiwi Tax GST calculator online and after many years of putting up with sub par (and extremely expensive) accountants (from multi firms) I decided to give Kiwi Tax a call and I wish I had done it 20 years ago!

Kyle Forrester

I recommend Kiwitax's Cash Flow Management services. The approach was really helpful, especially the tools to help track how we are doing based on historical data and future projections. Working out client value and the number of leads needed to convert -- and seeing that in monetary terms with the tax implications, was an eye-opener. I appreciate being able to go through this process with goals attached to clear financial planning and potential outcomes. Thanks, Will 🙂

Will Roffé

I'm so impressed with the service you guys give - I really appreciate all the help and support. You've made me very happy and stress free. Thanks again.

Shane Hantler

Really impressed with my first year of service with you. The follow up review was very beneficial, information provided was clear and easy to digest and provided assurance that I am tracking as well as possible in my current situation. Great fit so far. Thanks again,

Michael Van Dinther

Appreciate bringing to our attention other things we could claim or include with our tax return. Thanks 🙂

Paul & Megan McGuire