Tax calculators

These handy calculators are designed to help you with GST, income tax and hourly rates.

We hope you find our tax calculator and tools useful. Please ask us if you would like to see any new calculators added here.

Kiwitax | GST Calculator

15% GST Calculator

Calculate GST correctly with this super easy GST Calculator for New Zealand 15% GST.

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Kiwitax | Income Tax Calculator

Income Tax Calculator

Estimate your annual income tax for self employed people, salary and wage earners.

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Kiwitax | Hourly Rate Calculator

Hourly Rate Calculator

Calculate employee actual hourly cost. For employers and people going to contracting.

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Kiwitax | Percent Saved Calculator

Percent Saved Calculator

A calculator to find the percentage saved when you buy something for a reduced price.

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What our Customers say

I recommend Kiwitax’s Cash Flow Management services. The approach was really helpful, especially the tools to help track how we are doing based on historical data and future projections. Working out client value and the number of leads needed to convert — and seeing that in monetary terms with the tax implications, was an eye-opener. I appreciate being able to go through this process with goals attached to clear financial planning and potential outcomes. Thanks, Will 🙂

Will Roffé - Fearless Brands

I’m so impressed with the service you guys give – I really appreciate all the help and support.

You’ve made me very happy and stress free.

Thanks again.

Shane Hantler - Shine Electrical Limited

Really impressed with my first year of service with you. The follow up review was very beneficial, information provided was clear and easy to digest and provided assurance that I am tracking as well as possible in my current situation.

Great fit so far. Thanks again,

Michael Van Dinther - Mizzinc Limited

Appreciate bringing to our attention other things we could claim or include with our tax return.

Thanks 🙂

Paul & Megan McGuire - Paul & Megan McGuire

Nathan was great as was Ratheesh when he worked on our rental property accounts. Although we’ve never met in person and most of our communication is by email, the team at Kiwitax feel like real, everyday people. I love feeling like I am more than a client with a number. Jill confirmed this with her recent friendly email about my payment.

Ratnesh - Neel Brothers Limited

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