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We’re a Small Business and Rental Property Accounting and Tax Compliance service. As an Authorised Tax Agency and Member of Accountants + Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand we can look after all your accounting and tax in a professional manner and ensure full compliance with Inland Revenue. You’ll find Kiwitax accounting and tax return services are easy to use, fairly priced, efficient and timely.

Kiwitax is an excellent choice for small business and rental property owners. Compared to the large accounting firms we’re approachable, friendly, transparent and efficient. Most importantly we’re effective at reducing your tax. We maintain a high level of quality control and our team regularly attend training courses to keep up to date with the latest tax changes.

Sure can. Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can work for you. People from all over New Zealand are using Kiwitax. We keep in touch by email, phone or Microsoft teams. Our clients outside of Napier find communicating with us is easy and any distance between us is not an issue. Of course if you’re in Napier just drop in to our office anytime and say hi.

We specialise in working for businesses which have annual turnover from a very low income up to around $500,000 per annum although we have many clients who turnover closer to the $1,000,000 mark. Our services are designed and priced to suit smaller sized businesses.

We liaise with Inland Revenue to ensure you maintain a good relationship plus provide help and assistance with anything that may pop up. As Tax Agents we have a direct line to Inland Revenue and access to Online Services to quickly access information to sort out problems and hurry things along when required.

We have created and continue to improve very thorough step by step systems. This ensures a consistently high quality output for all work. It’s normal for annual accounting jobs to go through a process of over 60 detailed steps before being reviewed by a senior team member. Every single job we do passes through this internal system and nothing goes out the door unless it is absolutely spot on.


We currently have just the one office in Napier but can still work for you from anywhere else. If things continue to go well it’s possible we may open branches in other places.

Usually yes. We each have our own group of clients which we work for. Sometimes with team changes or for example when people are on holiday we all pitch in to get your work done in a timely manner. If at any time for any reason you’d like a different team member working for you please let us know.

You can choose to make payment at the start of your annual accounting work or setup a regular payment (monthly) to be all paid when your work is ready to be started. This will ensure there are no delays in filing your returns. Payment can be made by internet banking, credit card, eftpos or cash, regular payments can be setup to come out of your bank account or credit card via direct debit.

100% Yes. Thanks for keeping it Kiwi!

No. We’re an independent privately owned business.

No. All our work is done in our Napier offices by our in-house accounting team. We feel this is the best way to ensure high quality of work and to maintain a great level of service.

We believe it’s important to know up-front how much things cost. Our pricing is calculated to accurately reflect the amount of work we do for you. The charge up method many accountants use is open to inefficiency and waste. We think it’s unfair to pass such costs onto our clients.

We originally started in business on 23 November 1999 by providing contract accounting services to Hawkes Bay accountants then eventually began growing our own client base. It was this change that brought about a name change to Easy Tax – Stress-free Tax Returns. Things worked out well and we became an established, healthy business. After several years as Easy Tax we felt an update was required. We wanted to be more identifiable as a New Zealand owned business working for Kiwis so in March 2009 we changed our name to Kiwitax.

A brief list of our business accounting and tax services…

  • Annual Accounting & Financial Reports
  • Business & Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Business Growth Planning
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • GST, AIM, FBT Returns
  • Provisional Tax Calculations
  • Company Incorporations
  • All IRD Registrations

For more info please view our tax & accounting services.

For rental property investors we offer a range of helpful services…

  • Annual Accounting & Financial Reports
  • Property & Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Company Incorporations
  • LTC Registrations
  • Company Annual Returns (for Companies Office)
  • Special Tax Code Applications
  • All IRD Registrations
  • Tax advice and Inland Revenue help

For more info please view Rental Property Services.

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