What our customers say?

Thank you for the awesome feedback everyone!

Natalie Pepping

The service we have received from Kiwitax has been outstanding - very quick, friendly and professional. Thank you for making it all so easy! 

- Natalie Pepping

TM Engineering Ltd

As per your business performance, I can't think of any faults, We are delighted with the service that we've had ever since we first started dealing with Kylie, or any one else there. You have all been friendly, on the ball, helpful,and competent at your expertise. Damn good value! In business I find it refreshing to find such a good combination of the above. 

- Terry Munden

Blue Dairy

I am writing this after experiencing Kiwitax services for the past 2 years. Two years back I was in the same boat as many would be today--- all the surprising problems of accountant (charges,surprise charges, never knew what's going on or where I am?). I have retail business and investment properties. I have been through what it's like when you desperately look for excellent accounting services as a business team member to enhance your performance. All I have to say is --- Kiwitax services are incredible & I am sure will exceed anyone's expectation. Their charges are very reasonable & based on recently introduced new model of pricing---- if your filing/record keeping system is very good it costs you less. In my case my charges have dropped-- would you believe that! Incredible services--- in a very timely manner. highly efficient email communication---- cuts the barrier of distance makes you feel next door. Its hard to be specific because I have liked most of the services--- like-- new pricing model, tollfree number to discuss any issues--- instantly, very well presented all the work,communication to name a few. Please feel free to contact me Pawan-06-8677212, pawankalsi.nz@gmail.com. Thanks for reading

- Pawan Kalsi

Ezyclean Services

Wonderful service, returns prepared quickly and efficiently - easy to get hold of and respond to my queries straight away. I'm impressed. Makes my last Tax Agent look like a dunce. Kylie and Margarita, wonderful! Thanks so much! 

- Venice Madden

Brooke Borkan

 Emma has been SO helpful - answering all questions patiently and clearly. All your service has been excellent - saving me time, stress & money. Thanks very much. 

- Brooke Borkan

N & Y Builders

Could not manage without the help and guidance of Kylie and the team. Would not go anywhere else, they would not have the patience to deal with me!!

- Yvonne Wright

John Broadhurst

 I really appreciate the great service you and your company have provided. I got the last return and my folder back from the courier this morning and all the way through the service and support has been very professional and very prompt. Thank you. 

- John Broadhurst

Baby Needz Ltd

My biggest concern about using Kiwitax was probably not being able to see anyone in person as we're in Tokoroa. Considering, I knew absolutely nothing, it was a huge relief to have it all done! I found my questions were always answered in a timely manner. Everything was always explained to me and both people concerned were a delight to deal with. They are able to cover all aspects of the business and personal finances in one tidy and well presented package. The Taxation and Financial accounts look great! Professional, straight to the point and easy to read.

- Lukey Laird

Verde Designs on the Land Ltd

I have continued with Kiwitax since my business started 7 years ago - this is because of the staff and service. Kylie I really admire you and how you have built the business, without it seems forgetting the small fry - like myself! I value the non-judgemental attitude of all the staff, and friendly helpful service. Best wishes to you all! 

- Janet MacPherson

2 The Maximum Ltd

I have recommended Kiwitax to anyone who will listen. We have found your service to be second to none and everyone is so helpful, we really appreciate this considering the terrible service we have previously had, so please can you pass on our thanks to everyone who works on our accounts. You are truly a wonderful company to work with. Its a pleasure to deal with people who know what they are doing and can advise and are so easy to talk to. 🙂 

- Melanie Albers-White

Greg Wilson

Thanks guys, I have appreciated how I have been treated and will definitely recommend Kiwitax. Any communication has been immediate and accurate. The fact is that my account would be regarded as small, I have not been given the impression that I am not worthy of a friendly and very high degree of service.

- Greg Wilson

Cornerstone Construction (HB) Ltd

Everyone I have dealt with at Kiwitax has always been friendly and helpful and this time was no different. You guys are great! Thanks so much for your efficient and timely service. 

- Rachael Diffey

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