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Thank you for the awesome feedback everyone!

California Technology Ltd

I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I was with the service provided by Kiwitax to set up my company. I have started a new venture supplying job tracking software to small and medium sized businesses. I have no experience with company formations, running a company or completing GST and company tax returns. I found Kiwitax from an Internet search, and after comparing rates for the services I required decided to use Kiwitax. I think the best feature about Kiwitax is that even though I live in Bombay South Auckland I have been able to complete all tasks in forming my company with the use of Email, Internet, 0800 number and Post. I have no need to visit Kiwitax's offices and find the use of technology most refreshing and inspiring. With my own venture I hope to emulate Kiwitax's ability to deal with customers in a wired world. Even though no one looks forward to tax time I am sure that the seamless service Kiwitax provided with in my Company formation, will be continued when my return is due. All the very best to the Kiwitax team.  

- Kevin Wood


It was the first time I've received a refund from my annual accounts in my business career, so I'll celebrate by thanking you and your firm. I started with you in the middle of 2005, and I never regretted it. In common with many other entrepreneurs accounting has not been my first love, so to have that part so ably and skillfully managed has been a big benefit. When I look back over 30 years of various accountants that I've used for my various businesses, it has been the difference in your service, efficiency and attitudes which has been the real advantage in working with you. The help and advice you quickly give me is hugely reassuring. I appreciate it all a lot. A big thanks to you and your staff. And another year... I've received the annual accounts, and just wanted to write and again thank you and Melissa, and anyone else involved for the service that your company gives me. Not only have you sorted out the interest payments and headaches that would have taken me weeks to do myself, but it's the same ease with every other part of my accounts - the work is done efficiently and promptly, and my stress is zero. Your firm has enabled me to keep my business life worry-free, and for that I'm very grateful. Thanks again.   

- Kevin

Promo Graphix Ltd

I am extremely critical of bad “service” and not at all shy to complain so frankly, when I do receive first class / first world service, I’m equally happy to shout it from the roof tops! I am so glad that everything went so smoothly!! You would not believe how amazed I was, when I received your e mail to say that my accounts were presented in an acceptable fashion. I had never done any of this before, and was quite horrified sending it all to you in case it was all wrong! You certainly made the entire experience totally painless, I am very happy with the service. Thank you 

- Jorge da Fonseca

Ainsley Smith

Thanks for the great job you have done for me! I have been very impressed with the service you have provided and will unreservedly recommend Kiwitax to anyone. Again, thanks for the excellent service! 

- Ainsley Smith

Mana Island Yacht Charters Ltd

Kiwitax provides a great service at a very reasonable price. They also stick to their quotes to the last cent, so no unpleasant surprises with accounting costs. However, there was certainly no skimping on service or the quality of work. Their communication was clear, timely and friendly and above all, in plain English. The presentation of my company return and tax details were of a very high standard indeed. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone requiring accounting services.

- Michael Peters

Matthew Ozerski

Thank you, I'm very much at ease with the wonderful and 'invisible' service I'm being provided with.

- Matthew Ozerski

Dr R Merchant PhD BSc(Hons) MAusIMM

I am mightily impressed by your work and standard of presentation of my tax return. Compared to others I have had done, yours is top class.

- Dr R Merchant PhD BSc(Hons) MAusIMM

Robert Kemp

After a number of years using a local accountant for our tax returns, we decided to look at alternatives. I am happy using a computer and the 'net, and came across web based accounting. Kiwitax turned up in Google, so I read up on their info on-site. Sounded just what I wanted. Prompt responses to a couple of emailed questions, followed by a request for a quote, sealed the deal. First year's returns now completed, and very pleased with this service

- Robert Kemp

Kelly Davis

Thanks Kylie! What great service compared to the last accountant we had. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. 

- Kelly Davis

Arun Rajamani

Thanks for the great service this year (once again)!!! You’ve answered every query of mine immediately and the entire process was painless. I think it is the excellent communication and collaboration with your clients that makes Kiwitax different, I suppose (even via just email). Will definitely refer you guys to more colleagues and friends. Please pass on my thanks to your team especially Jeremy. From a previous year... I have received my tax accounts yesterday - thanks. I have to say I was very pleased with the outcome - it was a pleasant surprise to see that the tax bill was lower than what I had expected - real value for money. Also Kylie, Emma and Margarita, I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends and colleagues. You guys are fantastic in your services - be it just advice over email or year-end tax accounting. And to think I have never once met any of you guys face to face over the 4 years we have been doing business! And I remember I spoke to Kylie over phone only once in 2006. Its been so easy dealing with you, on such a complex thing as tax, just over email. If only other services (banking, legal) were like yours!   

- Arun Rajamani

Poppy Crouch

I'm stoked with the service I have received from Kiwitax - my accounts were back EARLIER than promised! - and during April/busy tax time too!! Kylie has been great to deal with - friendly and efficient - thanks heaps, I will definitely be using you again 🙂

- Poppy Crouch

Brent Weyer

I found Kiwitax via the Internet, the web site pointed out the main features clearly that was exactly what I was looking for, free advice, prompt service, reasonably priced. We did not have a clear understanding of the tax code and it became clear that you did, and when in doubt you consulted your peers and got answers. Your direct approach and access to the IRD made dealing with the gov. red tape a snap and saved us a considerable amount of money. Initially we consulted with a couple other accountants locally and we put off at their lack of knowledge of overseas tax laws and how they applied to NZ law and you were able to come up with answers and settle with the IRD promptly. I would recommend you to other people in my shoes, I live in New Plymouth and you're in Napier, a long ways away, however with fax, email and a free phone it was as if you were just next door, it does not matter what part of NZ you live in, it gets done, and most likely at the same price or cheaper than the accountant next door!  

- Brent Weyer

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