Using Kiwitax Offline or Online or Both

Something which has become a little confusing for clients is the where / what / how of using Kiwitax. Should you use Kiwitax via the website to place orders for services of deal directly with our team? We’ve been asked on occasion what’s the preferred or right way?

The fact is it doesn’t matter how you choose to use Kiwitax – it’s up to you!

Some people prefer to just jump on the phone, email or call in to get their accounting and tax sorted, others are happy to select and order services from our website, upload files and discuss everything by email. For some clients it’s a mixture of all the above and more – and this is perfectly fine too.

The key here is to make it work for you. We’re here to help. All the available ways of contacting us are there for a reason – to make it super easy to access your accounting team whenever you need us.

Hope this helps!