Blue Dairy

I am writing this after experiencing Kiwitax services for the past 2 years. Two years back I was in the same boat as many would be today— all the surprising problems of accountant (charges,surprise charges, never knew what’s going on or where I am?). I have retail business and investment properties. I have been through what it’s like when you desperately look for excellent accounting services as a business team member to enhance your performance. All I have to say is — Kiwitax services are incredible & I am sure will exceed anyone’s expectation. Their charges are very reasonable & based on recently introduced new model of pricing—- if your filing/record keeping system is very good it costs you less. In my case my charges have dropped– would you believe that! Incredible services— in a very timely manner. highly efficient email communication—- cuts the barrier of distance makes you feel next door. Its hard to be specific because I have liked most of the services— like– new pricing model, tollfree number to discuss any issues— instantly, very well presented all the work,communication to name a few. Please feel free to contact me Pawan-06-8677212, Thanks for reading

Pawan Kalsi