Kiwitax GST Spreadsheets – Free to Clients

If you use a spreadsheet (Excel etc) for keeping track of your transactions and for preparing GST returns we’ve some good news! We’ve been polishing up our spreadsheet skills and have created some very nice 2 and 6 monthly GST spreadsheets for clients to use. There’s also a nice 2 monthly non-GST one too.

What makes these new Kiwitax GST Spreadsheets very cool is they work out if GST is applicable to each transaction, place the GST exclusive amounts into the correct columns and calculate the correct figures for your GST return. Everything is kept neat and tidy, calculated correctly and made easy to read.

We highly recommend using the new spreadsheets if possible and are providing them to clients for free! If you’re a client who uses spreadsheets and would like to upgrade to the new Kiwitax Spreadsheets please contact us. It’s also a fabulous opportunity for clients using manual cashbooks to upgrade to an easier system.

Spreadsheets are a great way to keep transactions neat and tidy – if you only have a few transactions each month, otherwise you may like to try MYOB Essentials or Xero. Please ask us about what may be best for you.

As always please ask if you have any questions, let’s chat, it’s free!