How easy is it to switch accountants?

A regular comment we hear when discussing how easy it is to switch accountants with prospective clients is “It seems like such a hassle to switch” but nothing could be further from the truth. So, we thought we’d lay out how simple it actually is, and how little effort is required by you to switch to an award-winning business improvement, tax and accounting service like Kiwitax.

How easy is it to switch accountants?
Prospective clients often mention that they think it is a hassle to switch accountants, so thought we’d lay out how easy it really is.

How to switch accountants

The switching process for Kiwitax consists of a discussion to determine the perfect package of services to suit your needs resulting in a fixed price quote for your consideration. And then, upon acceptance, a client onboarding process to get you up and running with Kiwitax. It really is that simple.

Lets break down what these steps look like;

Needs assessment

A needs assessment discussion is to assess what kind of help and support you need and for what kind of business entities you have. This will help us to determine the perfect package to suit your needs and your budget. We will turn this needs assessment into a fixed price quote so you know exactly what we are proposing, what it will cost and when it will happen.

The information we need to know for a needs assessment is;

  • What kind of business or businesses do you want help with?
  • How is the business owned?
  • How are the businesses structured (legal status)?
  • What is the current annual turnover?
  • Do you need accounting and tax help or business improvement too?
  • What level of support do you need?

We can have this needs assessment discussion in person at our Napier office, or over the phone, whatever you prefer.

A fixed price quote is usually presented to you within one business day from this discussion.


Agreement & Onboarding

Then, once you are happy to proceed with Kiwitax services, you just need to let us know so we can kick off the onboarding process to get you set up and running, onboarding is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. The onboarding process starts with our onboarding forms. You’ll be asked to provide us with details about yourself and your business, rental or trust so that we can get you set-up in our systems.
  2. Once we have verified your details, we will send you out a welcome pack that contains all of your key contacts, dates, payment arrangement forms and a few little Kiwitax goodies to say thanks for choosing Kiwitax. We will also send you an email requesting access to your accounting software package and to get linked up to your IRD account as your authorised Tax Agent.
  3. Finally, we will let your old accountant know on your behalf that we are picking up your accounting work moving forward, unless you would prefer to do this, in which case we’ll let you know when the right time is to let them know.

And that’s it, now you can pat yourself on the back for making a great decision to switch to an award-winning business improvement, tax and accounting service like Kiwitax.

So now you know how easy it is to switch accountants, what are you waiting for?

Let’s chat or you can get a quote.


About Kiwitax – Award winning business improvement, tax and accounting service

Here’s the thing. As a business, rental property owner or start-up, you get a kick out of having your own gig. But chances are dealing with your tax and accounting leaves you cold. Good news! We love it, so hand it over to Kiwitax and we’ll look after it all for you.

Whether you deal with us online, by phone or drop into our Napier office, you’ll find a friendly, professional hardworking team ready to work with you, however you keep track of your financial information and from wherever you do business. And all for a fixed price.

Plus if you’re at a loss to know how to improve aspects of your business – from growth planning to cashflow management, even tax debt and so much more – we’re all over that too. Our Business Improvement advisors can help you make a plan and put it into action.

Kiwitax are a preferred training provider for Business Improvement services through the Regional Business Partner Network Capability Voucher Scheme. This is a government funded scheme designed to boost business capability by providing funding of up to 50% of approved training programs with specified training providers up to a maximum value of $5000.

If you liked this article and want to make improvements in your business, with quarterly coaching sessions specifically tailored to support you to identify and achieve your business goals, lets chat!