Collecting Ongoing Client Feedback

At Kiwitax we genuinely care about every client and give our all in ensuring things are done right and clients’ tax matters are properly looked after. One key indicator in determining the success of any business is customer retention and with continued growth and extremely low client churn we’re pretty sure we’re doing it right. Although these figures are useful we still wanted to understand exactly why people continue to choose us and also to identify any problems as soon as they emerge. The solution has been surprisingly easy.

On completing an Annual Accounting and Income Tax job we include a small survey card. Each card has 5 direct questions about the service, communications, time taken, the final tax outcome and pricing. Each question has 4 answers – Great, Good, OK and Poor. There’s also an area on the reverse for clients to add any additional comments. As the cards are continuously sent out as work is completed, the feedback is always relevant and current. This method is used by many businesses and is a super easy way to get near instant feedback on services and products.

The results to date have been excellent and yes a few problems have been highlighted. On the rare occasion when a mistake is made we’ve had the opportunity to put things right. The survey cards allow clients to advise of issues in a non-confronting way so therefore problems that may be missed have become visible. In this respect the survey cards have been indispensable.

As the survey cards are returned we’ve been updating the site database and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis. To share this information we’ve created a page to display the results. Apart from being open and transparent we’re hoping this helps people decide if Kiwitax is right for them – it’s good to have access to what clients are actually saying at any time. It’s also providing us with the motivation to keep doing what we’re doing and finding ways to do it better!

Collecting ongoing feedback from customers is something every business should be doing – even rental property owners can benefit by receiving regular input from tenants. In a short time we’ve found it extremely helpful and recommend you start doing something similar if you’re not already.

Of course if you have something to tell us at anytime please go right ahead. We’re always happy to help and there’s no need to wait for a survey card to arrive.