New Calculator: Percentage Saved for Reduced Price

01 February 2018

We’ve added a handy new calculator to the Kiwitax website. This one works out your percentage saving when buying something at a reduced price. For example if you buy something for $90 that is normally $100 then…

You’ve saved $10
Paid 90% of the normal price
Saved 10%

Obviously it becomes more useful when the numbers aren’t so “round”. You may find it good for promotions where you’re offering a discount or similar as in “Only pay 64% of the full price” or “Save 27.5%”.

To tidy things up a bit we’ve also moved the 2 GST calculators to their own pages linking from where they used to be.

To find the calculators just visit the InfoBase and here’s the direct links…

Percentage Saved for a Reduced Price
Remove the GST of a GST Inclusive Price
Add GST to a GST Exclusive Price

Hope you find these helpful. If there’s a calculator you would like added please ask