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How a Tax Agent Can Reduce Your Tax Compliance Costs

January 26, 2018

For the most part small business and rental property owners don’t have the time, expertise …

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Claiming Website Development Costs

There is a distinction between what is an asset and what is an expense when …

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What Does “Loss Carried Forward” Mean?

When a business or rental property makes a loss for the year (so expenses are …

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ACC Levies – Options to Save or Increase Cover

ACC have a plan that allows self-employed people and non PAYE shareholder employees to negotiate …

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What is Depreciation & How Does it Work?

July 23, 2017

As a business owner or property investor you’re entitled to make a tax claim for depreciation – but what exactly is depreciation? It’s best described as the devaluation of your assets over a number of years and different assets have different life spans so that’s why the depreciation rates differ.

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