Any Accounting System is Kiwitax Compatible!

26 January 2018

With so many accounting systems available today we’re often asked which is the best accounting system for what I do? The answer is usually pretty straightforward…

“The one you like, use the accounting system you’re comfortable with”

At Kiwitax we’re happy to work with whatever you work with, from online solutions like Xero or MYOB Essentials, to desktop software like MYOB Accounting, to Excel spreadsheets, manual cashbooks and even paper documents! Any accounting system you choose, we can prepare your annual accounting and income tax returns from the data or reports from your system. No problem!

To help make selecting a Kiwitax service easier we’ve recently reorganised our business accounting services around these various accounting systems, this way the service and pricing offered is tailored to suit your requirements exactly. A key point with Kiwitax business pricing is the more accounting you do during the year, the less we have to do at annual accounting time, so the pricing is reduced to reflect this.

Alternatively if you’re not sure what’s best for you just head over to the Get a Quote page, it has an easy wizard to walk you through. Anytime you have questions or would simply like to chat with us about your accounting and tax you’re most welcome to contact us!