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What Do I Pay Income Tax On When I’m In Business?

January 31, 2018

When you operate a business, each year you are required to prepare financial reports showing …

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Business Trading Structures

Sole Trader A Sole Trader is basically when you go out and do something for …

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Should You Register Your Business For GST?

If your expected annual turnover (sales) will be $60 000 or more you’ll need to …

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Can I Be An Employee Of My Own Company?

Yes your company can become an employer and employ you via the payroll. This means …

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Just Started As A Contractor – How Much Should I Save For Tax?

Question: I have just started work and my employer has informed me I am responsible …

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Vehicle Ownership Vs Leasing – A Brief Overview

The benefits of leasing a vehicle are: Get to claim the lease as a monthly …

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How Can I Pay Myself From My Business?

There are a couple of ways to pay owners of a business and to account …

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First Year in Business Do I Pay Income Tax?

A common myth people often share is that “you don’t have to pay income tax …

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How Much Can I Pay Myself from My Business?

People often ask if there’s a general rule about how much they can take from …

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Claiming for Using Your Home as a Small Business Office

When running a small business from your home you are entitled to make a claim …

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Leased Buildings & Broken Windows – Who Pays?

An interesting heads up for anyone leasing a building and for building owners.. Recently a …

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Understanding Current Accounts

One topic clients are often confused about is current accounts and we’re often asked to …

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