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Compulsory Rental Property Insulation – Deductible or Not?

April 13, 2018

With the governments new legislation hitting in 2019 for landlords to insulate their rentals – …

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Record Keeping – Retail and Hospitality

February 1, 2018

A reminder that if you are running a till system for your daily takings, try …

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New Calculator: Percentage Saved for Reduced Price

We’ve added a handy new calculator to the Kiwitax website. This one works out your …

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Kiwitax – CEO Business Marketing Interview

Really enjoyed chatting with Ryan about Kiwitax as part of his epic series of 100 …

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Thinking of Buying a Holiday Home?

The tax rules around holiday homes have changed significantly making many formerly available tax deductions …

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What’s The Difference Between GST On Payments Or Invoice Basis?

There are two main methods you can prepare your GST returns based on, these are: …

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Should Your Residential Rental Property Be GST Registered?

No. Residential rental properties are exempt from GST. You cannot charge or claim GST for …

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New Calculator: Find the GST Content of a GST Inclusive Price

To work out the GST content of a GST inclusive price… With GST at 15% …

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How to Calculate an Original Price from GST Content at 15% GST

If you have an amount of GST (@15%) from a transaction and need to calculate …

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How to Correctly Calculate GST Figures

It seems quite a few people are incorrectly subtracting 15% from a GST inclusive amount …

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New Income Tax Calculator

We’ve just uploaded a new Income Tax calculator. Simply enter your estimated income / sales …

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Collecting Ongoing Client Feedback

At Kiwitax we genuinely care about every client and give our all in ensuring things …

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I’m so impressed with the service you guys give – I really appreciate all the help and support.

You’ve made me very happy and stress free.

Thanks again.

Shane Hantler - Shine Electrical Limited

Really impressed with my first year of service with you. The follow up review was very beneficial, information provided was clear and easy to digest and provided assurance that I am tracking as well as possible in my current situation.

Great fit so far. Thanks again,

Michael Van Dinther - Mizzinc Limited

Appreciate bringing to our attention other things we could claim or include with our tax return.

Thanks 🙂

Paul & Megan McGuire - Paul & Megan McGuire

Nathan was great as was Ratheesh when he worked on our rental property accounts. Although we’ve never met in person and most of our communication is by email, the team at Kiwitax feel like real, everyday people. I love feeling like I am more than a client with a number. Jill confirmed this with her recent friendly email about my payment.

Ratnesh - Neel Brothers Limited

Kiwitax is the best accounting company in New Zealand because you have a friendly team, expert accountants, accounts are presented in an easy format and great price!

Jenna Naruseviciene - Jenna Naruseviciene

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